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as allies. The Danish question (186466) edit The Prussian lion circling the Austrian elephant. 31 His empire spanned nearly four million square kilometers across Europe, the Far East, and the Americas. Males and females of any age were included. He will be delighted. Rudolph was one of the most active rulers of his time, initiating many measures and elevating the importance of the City of Vienna. Matters with France were only concluded in 1493 at the Treaty of Senlis after Maximilian had become emperor. The strategic importance of this alliance was that Burgundy, which lay on the western border of the empire, was demonstrating expansionist tendencies, and was at that time one of the richest and most powerful of the Western European nation states. Introducing Austria: a short history. Congress of Vienna (1815) edit Main article: Congress of Vienna Europe after the Congress of Vienna With the completion of the long running French wars a new order was required in Europe and the heads of the European states gathered. Subsequently, Austria gained control, through the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, of the Spanish Netherlands, Naples and Lombardy. Napoleon III intervened resulting in an armistice at Nikolsburg on 21 July, and a peace treaty in Prague on 23 August. 70 Politics and government edit Emerging from the war, Austria had two main political parties on the right and one on the left. Many tribes, formerly under the Huns now started to settle along the Danube basin and assert their independence. "Lower Austria" edit Rudolf V (Archduke, Emperor Rudolf II 15761612 Maximilian's eldest son, moved his capital from Vienna to the safer venue of Prague, in view of the Ottoman threat. The Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ who had hardly any support in the Austrian electorate, remained in the coalition until 1950 and in parliament until the 1959 election. Paul, 1974 Ingrao, Charles.

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By 1760 it was clear this was not solving Austria's problems and further reform was required. By 1608 Rudolf had ceded much of his territory to the latter. 1 2 Ten years after the Second World War Austria again became an independent republic as the Second Republic in 1955. "Linear Band Ware Culture". Comparison of the N1a hvsi sequences with sequences of living individuals found three of them to correspond with those of individuals currently living in Europe.


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